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Torben (52) is basically the founder of Synth Brothers. Torben lives in Silkeborg half an hour drive from Aarhus. So far all Music Sessions have been held at Torbens house. Torben is also known as ToXyGeNeDK and has created several albums.

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Peter (50) is one of the two Dutch members of the Synth Brothers. Peter lives in Zwolle in Holland. Peter and Albert have been working together for some years restoring and selling the famous Eminent 310 stringer-organs.

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Albert (49) is from the Nederlands like Peter. Albert lives in Zeewolde. Besides being a very good keyboard player Albert is a great technician. He knows everything about the Eminent 310 and others vintage synthesizers.

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Henrik (48) joined the Synth Brothers in 2012. Henrik lives in Denmark 20 km North of Copenhagen. It was the search for an Eminent 310 that brought Henrik together with the rest of the group.

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