Music Sessions

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Music is our passion

The Music Session concept

The concept is very simple. Each year we meet for a music session. We bring 3-5 synthesizers each. After setting-up the gear, we begin to jam. Often it starts with a few chords and after a while, typically one hour, we have created the basic framework for a new track. Some tracks are easy to play, others are much more demanding. Therefore the time for rehearsals differs from time to time.

When we feel ready, we will make a recording. Please note that all our tracks have been recorded as a single stereo track. So no editing and redoing of parts is possible. All the tracks are played live, this way.

The style of music differ from track to track. All newer tracks from the Synth Brothers are created by us - we do not play cover versions anymore. This way our music becomes unique and ours only.

This photo was taken at the 2012 Music Session

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